Laser Hair Removal

‘I believe Soprano SHR (super hair removal) is the first major innovation in laser hair removal in the past 10 years. We are able to treat all skin types safely, with less pain and without compromising efficacy!’

– Martin Braun, MD

Laser Hair Removal at Marlow Beauty

Our laser hair removal system is one of the highest-rated machines available on the market and delivers unbeatable results.

The Soprano Ice Platinum Machine

Soprano ICE Platinum offers the synergistic benefits of the 3 most effective wavelengths for hair removal, each targeting different structures within the hair follicle. The 3 main anatomical targets include the Bulge, Bulb, and Papilla.

The System

10 years of clinically proven SHR (super hair removal) technology.

FDA cleared for skin types I-VI and tanned skin